The woods co-op 10%  paste. 1000mg 10g

The woods co-op 10% paste. 1000mg 10g

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Pastes differ from oils, as they (should) contain a better overall phytonutrient profile. A good quality paste will contain higher levels of its cannabinoid constituents - including CBC, CBN and CBG. It will also contain higher amounts of chlorophyll, fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids and terpenes. Essentially, a paste is more “concentrated” than an oil.

After extraction, rather than additional filtering, The woods co-op raw paste extract is thinned out slightly (for ease of use) by adding a little MCT oil; this also aids absorption.

We have found people to have a better reaction to the paste and it may last longer. We tried one for ouselves and it lasted 9 weeks serving two rice size pieces a day so great value.

Topical use only.

For use in your pechoti (belly button) or soles of your feet.

Some words taken from one life website.